Welcome to the official website of Abner Preis (Studios).
I am a story teller who uses different media and tools to tell stories. The past several years I have seen my storytelling developing into new and exciting ways- this new path is still rooted in my heart felt stories and experiences-

The studio is focused on using new media and cutting-edge technology to see present reality from a new more hopeful vantage point. Im workin with award-winning team working in Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and XR ▪︎

The website is currently under construction we are busy with the following projects:

HP - “The Future Office" - Winter 2021- VR experience
invited by HP to create an artwork around a day in the life of a young woman working from home, as she navigates the opportunities and challenges of remote work in her career, hobbies, and social interactions.

Plan International - "Talents Unlimited" - Winter 2022- VR/AR/Video experience
Working in partnership with Plan Jordan and Plan International Nederland, we are creating 5 VR and AR experiences around the personal triumphs of 5 individual refugees from Syria and their journey through difficult circumstances to create a new future for themselves.

Joods Historisch Museum, Amsterdam - "The Golden Rule" - Spring 2021- VR experience
The Jewish Museum piece takes place in the future where students travel throughout time visiting cultures to discover the roots of the Golden Rule "Love Thy Neighbour" - the journey takes them from ancient China to Jerusalem, from Bedouin culture to contemporary culture, from the past through the modern-day and into the future. The museum has taken a didactic approach to the post-VR experience by providing additional educational materials to help the participants further explore the concepts of compassion and equality.

Wegening University with Dr. Ingrid Boas - "Hasina's Journey" - Fall 2021- VR/360 experience
Hasina lives on Kutubdia, a highly vulnerable island subject to environmental shifts, natural disasters, and climate change. It has been heavily affected by sea erosion, leading to substantial losses of terrain, especially in Kutubdia South-East, and on the Western side of the island. Many have lost their homes, forced to move inland or relocate to the mainland.

Cinekid Film Festival - "The Miracle Basket" - Fall 2021- VR/AR/Educational experience
An immersive VR work about indigenous land stewardship with a focus on remedying the mistakes from our past to create a more hopeful future. Partnering with Cinekid's educational department, we will also create workshops and AR pieces to accompany the work.

Amsterdam Museum - "Collecting the City" - 2021 - 2024- VR experience
A four-year commission from the Amsterdam museum, creating works related to the museum collection and its partner museums. For the next four years, Abner will create 3 VR works a year, culminating in a final presentation at the premiere of the new museum building.

Floriade - "From Heavy Metal to Soft Earth" - Spring 2022- Robotics experience
The story of a robot's love for the natural world, an interactive experience created for the arts and culture programme of the International Horticultural Expo Floriade 2022 which happens once every 10 years in the Netherlands.